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The 10 essential mindset books for entrepreneurs: my selection

Hello to you, entrepreneur coach or trainer! If you are looking to improve your mindset and develop a winning attitude, then this article is for you. As an entrepreneur, I have read many books on the subject myself and I want to share my personal selection with you. And here are my 10 mindset books for entrepreneurs that I recommend! These are the books that helped me the most to cultivate a mindset of success. Whether you need to manage your emotions, develop your self-confidence or cultivate a growth mindset, these books will offer you valuable advice and exercises to achieve your business goals. So, if you want to boost your entrepreneurial mindset, read this list of recommended books! I'm sure you'll find something to inspire you to make 2023 a great entrepreneurial year!

Little intro on the kindle:

But before presenting my selection of the 10 mindset readings, I also wanted to tell you about a tool that has been very useful to me for my reading practice: my Kindle. And if like me you live abroad then having a Kindle becomes essential. If you don't have one yet, I really recommend that you invest in one.

Indeed, the Kindle is a digital book reader that allows you to read all your books on a single device, anywhere and anytime. You no longer need to lug piles of books around with you, you are no longer limited to your personal library and you can add new books with just a few clicks. It's practical, ecological and it allows you to read more easily and discover new books. So, if you want to improve your reading practice and simplify your life, I really advise you to invest in a Kindle. 

And lately they added a handy little visual option: the reading time per chapter. In short, I'm won over and it took me too long to get one. On the other hand, you don't need the super expensive super Kindle, no, the basic one is sufficient. 

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of the Kindle and its subscription, don't hesitate to click on the images below.

My kindle, it is 99€: click on this Kindle link

And the subscription with free trial: 

And now, let's move on to my selection of mindset books for coach and trainer entrepreneurs! This selection is mainly composed of books read in 2022 for my part. And some are listened to via audibles. In the article I will mention to you when it is an audio book that I listened to.

If you prefer to listen to audible books: Click here to discover Audible 

We begin ? There is no order of preference in the selection. If you are interested in a book click on the image of the cover. These are Amazon affiliate links.

Here are the 10 mindset books that I advise you to read to move forward in your business!

Millionaire's Highway by Mj Dimarco 

I read this one in English and devoured it in a few days. It is engaging and simply written. Mj Demarco offers an innovative method to achieve financial wealth and personal freedom. He explains how to get out of the "siding road" and take the "millionaire's highway" by putting into practice his tips for growing your business and managing your money effectively. He speaks in a direct way and clashes quite a bit with the dream sellers of the web. Personally, I love his vision.

Leave the Rat Road by Mj Dimarco

It is the logical continuation after the millionaire highway. MjDimarco wrote this book a few years after his first and we can feel his change in editorial style. As I write this article I am in the process of reading this book. It is just as exciting as his first book. This one goes more into the concrete while his first is very mindset oriented.

I also read it in English.

Change the Paradigm Bob Proctor 

So this book, this author is just amazing. Bob Proctor is a true mentor to me (rest his soul). And this book is a mine of gold and diamonds. 

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Bob Proctor's books help you develop your potential: his books are based on the idea that each of us has unlimited potential. And that it is possible to develop it to achieve your dreams and goals. They will help you discover your talents and passions and find ways to apply them in your life.

THEY TEACH YOU TO THINK POSITIVELY: Bob Proctor is a strong proponent of the Law of Attraction, which states that our thoughts and emotions impact our lives. Her books will help you develop a fiery mindset and attract positive things into your life.

I read it in English because it didn't yet exist in French.

You were born rich by Bob Proctor 

Marshall Rosenberg's must have Words are windows or walls

“Words Are Windows or Walls” by Marshall Rosenberg is considered a must-have in the field of nonviolent communication (NVC) for several reasons:

  • It presents an innovative approach to communication: in this book, Marshall Rosenberg offers a method of communication based on empathy, respect and benevolence, which aims to avoid conflicts and strengthen interpersonal relationships. This approach is particularly useful for managing conflicts and disputes peacefully and constructively.
  • It offers concrete tools to improve relationships: Marshall Rosenberg's book offers many exercises and practical tips for putting NVC into practice in your daily life. Whether you want to improve your relationships with your spouse, family, colleagues or clients, this book will provide you with valuable tools to do so.
  • It is accessible and easy to read: despite its seriousness and importance, "Words are windows or walls" is an accessible and easy-to-read book, aimed at both professionals and individuals. Its clear and concise explanations make it a reference work for those who wish to discover or deepen their knowledge.

In addition I have also been a trainer in non-violent communication for a few years. So I highly recommend this book.

I think too much of Christel Petitcolin 

So it's a book that I read in 2 days… Yes, you read correctly. This book was a revelation for a path towards a better understanding of who I am. If you feel different, hypersensitive, etc. read this book. I say no more.

The Habits of Successful People by Stephen R. Covey

In this book that has become a classic in the literature on personal development, Stephen R. Covey presents the 7 key habits that allow people who put them into practice to achieve their dreams and succeed in everything they do. Based on fundamental values such as self-control, proactivity and empathy, these habits are essential for developing one's potential and achieving one's goals.

The content is great but the reading is quite undrinkable for my taste. But it remains strongly recommended because its teachings are important. 

What Money Says About You by Christian Junod

In this book, Christian Junod explores the complex and often overlooked links between money and our personality. It shows how our relationship to money is influenced by our beliefs and our emotions, and how we can become aware of it to better manage it and achieve our financial goals.

This is the number 1 problem for my clients in business mentoring. That's why I have a whole workshop about it within Success Makers Academy.

This book is to be read and practiced. 

Le Grand Frisson – Join the adventure of entrepreneurship! by Darren Hardy

In this book, Darren Hardy invites readers to join the adventure of entrepreneurship and discover the secrets of success. He shares his experience and tips for succeeding in the business world, emphasizing the importance of vision, determination and perseverance.

Personally I consider this book interesting not for a novice but someone who is advancing in his business and is starting to meet real big challenges. 

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This book is for my part in audible listening. 

In audiobook: click here for the audible link to this book.

The power of self-confidence by Bryan Tracy

In this book, Bryan Tracy explores the links between self-confidence and success in different areas of life. It offers exercises and practical advice to develop self-esteem and confidence in one's own abilities, in order to succeed in one's projects and achieve one's goals.

I listened to it on audible. In audiobook: click here.

I also love to regularly use the books from Dunod's toolbox collection. 

Indeed, Dunod's "Toolbox" collection is a series of practical books for professionals and students. Each book in the collection addresses a specific subject and offers a concrete and operational approach to putting the knowledge acquired into practice.

Here are some advantages of this collection:

  • Practical books: each book in the collection is designed to be immediately usable in the professional world. They offer tools, methods and concrete examples to put the knowledge acquired into practice.
  • Expert authors: the books in the “Toolbox” collection are written by recognized professionals in their field of expertise. They share their experience and know-how to help the reader develop their skills.
  • A pedagogical approach: each book in the collection is structured in a clear and progressive manner, with boxes, diagrams and exercises to help the reader better understand and memorize the concepts.
  • A wide variety of subjects: the “Toolbox” collection covers a wide variety of professional fields, from management to communication, including personal development and IT professions. There is therefore something for all tastes and all needs.


It is a practical guide to developing self-confidence and strengthening assertiveness. It offers practical exercises and tips for learning new skills and improving self-esteem.

Time management

It is a practical guide to optimize time management and better organize your schedule. It offers concrete methods and tools for prioritizing tasks, avoiding distractions and respecting commitments.

The trainer's toolbox 

It is a practical guide for trainers who wish to improve their practice and offer quality training. It offers advice and practical exercises for preparing and leading training sessions, managing time and resources, evaluating results and developing leadership.

Business creation 

It is a practical guide for future entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. It offers practical advice and tools for writing your business plan, seeking financing, developing your network and managing your business effectively.

My small conclusion for this article of the 10 mindset readings recommended for entrepreneurs:

To succeed as an entrepreneur, it is essential to work on your mindset and develop a success mentality. This means that you must have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. That you must be motivated and determined. And that you must be able to overcome the obstacles that will stand in your way.

But beware: the mindset alone is not enough. It is also important to put in place a strategy and concrete actions to achieve your goals. This means setting yourself milestones and deadlines, and being able to follow through on your action plan.

In summary, success is 90% from mindset and 10% from strategy. So take the time to work on your mindset and put in place an effective strategy, and you will see that you will be able to achieve everything you want. So think about your mindset and your strategy, and get things done!

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  1. Hello Amel! I'm just thinking about buying myself a Kindle for convenience and space saving. For the moment I'm still attached to paper books 😊 On the reading side, I'm reading "The 7 habits of those who achieve everything they do". It's a nugget! I read it slowly and take notes.

    1. Hello Martin,

      In fact, the Kindle is very practical, especially if you read a lot: it will save you space and also save money because digital books are cheaper. And for my 7 habits indeed it is a real nugget.
      Thanks for your comment anyway ^^

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