About me...

I am Amel, investor and multi-entrepreneur. 

Mumboss and Webmentor : I help coaching and training professionals to develop their business through online business.


Don't be afraid to burn your wings, Dare !

Allowyourself to make mistakes: Try. Fail. Try again.

If you have a dream, turn it into a goal and that goal into action. Because it doesn't matter how you get there, i know you can do it..

For a very long time I was this woman in search of a balance :

My family, my business and me.


All three of us were living under stress in a world where values are worthless. But I persevered, I set up several businesses to find my way..

You can have your heart on your sleeve and not find love because people have their own way of seeing beauty.

I understood this when I was in charge of a marriage agency for 1 year.


We may want to help young people to aspire to great things, parents to grow in their role in the family...

But society reminds them every day that they won't get very far because they come from working-class and disadvantaged backgrounds.

I experienced this when I was a parent counselor and special educator for 17 years. You can even create strong and motivating initiatives for others, but it is better not to expect anything in return.

People very often like to take credit for work they didn't do. I accepted it when I ran a newspaper magazine that appeared on the newsstands with a value according to some of them of more than 100,000 euros.

And I left everything.


Managing a family life and searching for a professional balance, even if it means forgetting oneself, becoming extinct... It was the Amel of before. I left her.

Don't stay in the statistics that lock you in!

You too can reinvent yourself. Achieve your goals.
Even if life keeps getting in the way.

I made a pivot, I (re)launched myself into training..
I knew that I was made to undertake.
I was aware that my family and I were going through some very difficult situations, but I (re)tried.


Yes, I was afraid and I had to make money right away. Beyond all that, overcoming certain childhood traumas like the loss of a parent or the lack of a father figure because life had decided otherwise. Learning the hard way that everything can stop, change in a split second in a car accident. And I wasn't even 4 years old.

After losing the use of my legs, I learned to walk again.

This experience has shaped my outlook on life : We can start over and reinvent ourselves.

So I learned to know myself, to channel myself and to accept my hypersensitivity : :

I become a 6 figure business owner ! !

Today I am at the head of 3 companies !

All this without exhausting myself at work. While preserving my business, my family and myself...