Success Makers Academy, session 2 starts in September 2023 🔥

Are you a professional in support, advice and/or training? Read on, you'll like it ^^
It's finally time for you to invest in your personal life and your business simultaneously. Yes yes, at the same time!
Want to grow your business without sacrificing your personal and family life? You are not alone).
Success Makers Academy is a one-of-a-kind online program that gives you the tools and training to help you grow your business while taking care of your family and your life dreams.
Success Makers Academy. is not an online training, it is a complete program combining: Business Mentoring, (trans)Training and Coaching!
The support is intended to be hybrid: a subtle mix of individual and personalized follow-up with group work, all sprinkled with independent work. 

Entrepreneurship is difficult. 

Having a harmonious family life takes work. 

And the mindset? you have to know how to improve it with the ups and downs of life. 

So I thought of creating Success Makers Academy: the program in which I will give you EVERYTHING you need to finally live your life. The one you really want. Yes the one without bullshit. In your image and especially with your rules. 

Because when everything goes wrong, who helps you move on? I want to be the one to accompany you on your way to your desired freedoms!

With Success Makers Academy my goal is simple because I have a unique and special talent:
I have such expertise and benevolence that I really understand the Other and I know what solutions he needs to move forward globally!

Success Makers Academy accompanies you concretely to put your business and your activity at the service of your freedom and your family life.

Success Makers Academy is 3 months of intensive support:

🔥 to take your business to the next level by continuously generating new opportunities,

🔥 to deploy your training offer or group support on a large scale, 

🔥 to feel, to live a freer, more intense and richer life.

🔥 have the support of the business mentor, trainer and coach who will give you personalized tools according to your problems. 

🔥 combine personal life and professional life with a good balance that suits you.

🔥 Give you the right to propose an offer in your image as unique and complex as you are.


I offer you something simple, concrete and actionable so that:

🎯 never again will you be a slave to your business, 

🎯 finally you reconcile with your business by being more fulfilled and serene, 

🎯 you better organize your business and your personal agenda,

🎯 you are definitely breaking down all the boundaries that keep you from living the life you've always dreamed of.

But who am I to offer you this program? 

I am Amel, mumpreneur & business mentor. 

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 13 years!

But most of all, support professional for 21 years

I have worked since I was 19 to help families in difficulty to get out of it and above all to succeed in having a real quality of life. I was able to work hand in hand with judges, lawyers and regional directors. 

So when I started in entrepreneurship, support and coaching were my two key skills. 


Beyond skills, my human qualities of listening and intuition make me an outstanding professional. According to my husband, I know how to light the way for those who feel lost. I'm efficient and I go straight to the point and above all I'm funny ^^

My online business has allowed us to realize one of our boldest dreams of going to live more than 9000km from France. 


Today I am at the head of my business coaching and mentoring company and I co-founded a company that offers SAAS software for trainers and online coaches!

How will the Success Makers Academy program work? 

✅ 1 first individual session to work on the action plan and the personal issues that prevent you from achieving your dreams and ambitions. With delivery of an action plan to roll out!

✅ 1 onboarding session with the group

✅ 2 thematic appointments per month to deepen (with access to replay), 3 months = 6 workshops:

  • Mind set: spirituality and state of mind to strengthen your abilities to generate abundance in ALL aspects of your life (finances, family, love etc.).
  • Money relationship: understand the mechanisms that will help you welcome financial success. 
  • Organization : all the keys to a successful organization that will lead you to success without going through the burn-out box! I will share with you all my secret organizations that I do not mention anywhere.
  • Web marketing : Strategies that allow you to sell while remaining you and aligned with your strong values. I will share with you my wrbmarketing knowledge and experience acquired since 2009!

✅ 1 zoom session per fortnight (informal discussions and Q&A)

✅ 1 individual mid-term session

✅ 1 last individual session at the end of the “assessment” course. 

✅ Access to online programs:

  • Formapreneur (create and sell your offer of excellence in 90 days).
  • YouTube Pro (Notoriety and Visibility: create an ultra-engaged community aligned with your values).
  • Customer care success (training offered by my husband Marouane)

✅ During the 3 months of group you will have access to my expertise and experience to ask me for an opinion and a correction on a work carried out (of the action plan provided following the first individual session). 

Dates of Success Makers Academy : from your registration (before January 2023) to March 31, 2023. 


  • Individual appointment when you register: you will have access to online booking of your appointment with me. 
  • 1st group session: Thursday, January 5, 2023 (time to be specified). During this session we will define together the dates of the monthly workshops and the favorite day of weekly permanence

This program is designed for you to grow personally and professionally.

May you finally achieve your goals!

You will finally become the entrepreneur who aims for the long term and true freedom.

That you (re) really put what is most important to you at the top level of your priorities (for me it's my family).

This program is for you if you recognize yourself in at least one of these situations: 

✅ You can't help but stress when you imagine the months to come.

✅ You feel like you've done everything to make your business and income take off, but you feel like a glass ceiling above you.

✅ Your business doesn't make you vibrate so much you're so exhausted.

✅ You want find that flame to grow again.

✅ Do you want to find the energy that will allow you to see more clearly for know where to go.

✅ You feel overwhelmed by a business that is growing too fast.

✅ Delegation, activity structuring, process optimization, marketing strategy : so many concepts that frighten you and make you fear making the wrong decisions.

✅ You thought you would finally have more family time but you spend all your days exhausted to work or think about your business. 

✅ You finally feel ready better organize yourself to achieve your goals life and in your business. 

you want to feel more free both financially and geographically. 

However, this program is not for you if: 

🚫 You are new to entrepreneurship and you have not yet generated your first income. 

🚫 You think that the mind set is not important for success. 

🚫 You're not ready to take action. 

🚫 You have decided that youwe business it's your life and nothing else is important to you. 

With the Success Makers Academy program, you will never feel alone again when faced with: 

  • your doubts,
  • your fears,
  • your difficulties, 
  • your dreams not yet achieved,
  • and everything you don't tell anyone... 

I will be the one who will listen to you with kindness to help you find your way to:

  • your personal, family and professional development, 
  • the achievement of your professional and personal goals, 
  • the realization of your dreams.

How much do I need to plan to access
Success Makers Academy?

VIP formula!

one-time payment
2490 In one time
  • 3 months of group support
  • Access to 3 training courses offered, total value: 1987€
  • 3 mentoring sessions of 1 hour (1 per month)

Classic formula

payment in 3 installments
830 per month for 3 months i.e. 2490€
  • 3 months of group support
  • Access to 3 training courses offered, total value: 1987€
  • no individual follow-up

This is all the value you will receive in SUCCESS MAKERS ACADEMIE

Success Makers Academy is an online support that is intended to be hybrid: a subtle mix of individual and personalized follow-up with group work, all interspersed with independent work. 

✅ 1 first individual session* 

✅ 1 onboarding session with the group

✅ 2 thematic appointments per month to deepen (with access to replay), 3 months = 6 deepening workshops:

  1. Mindset 
  2. relationship to money
  3. professional organization
  4. Personal and family organization 
  5. Web marketing
  6. Surprise

✅ 1 zoom permanence per fortnight  (informal discussions and Q&A)

✅ 1 individual mid-term session*

✅ 1 last individual session at the end of the course “assessment”.*

🎁 Access to online programs:

  • Formapreneur 
  • YouTube Pro 
  • Customer care success

*Individual sessions are for people registered for the VIP version

FORMAPRENEUR it's a program that teaches you through a powerful strategy how to develop your business, make more turnover and this without increasing your working time.

🔥 9 Modules

🔥 +60 lessons

🔥 Workbooks

🔥 and bonuses including Notion templates!!!


Preparatory Module (mindset shift)

Module 1 : Your positioning

Unit 2: Excellence offer

Unit 3: Andragogy e-learning 

Unit 4: Build your training 

Unit 5: Customer relationship

Unit 6: Content Strategy

Unit 7: Webmarkezting, sell your offer of excellence

Module 8: The basics of NVC for the entrepreneur

BONUS 1: Scale your offer

BONUS 2: Template Notion to manage your business

YouTube Pro it's the program that teaches you how to gain Notoriety and Visibility. You will know how to create an ultra-engaged community aligned with your values.

With Marouane, we teach you everything you need to know to have a YouTube channel that brings you continuous qualified leads.
Even if you are a novice and don't know how to make videos.

Module 1: The basics of a YouTube channel

Unit 2: Easily create and edit your videos

Unit 3: The content of your channel

Module 4 : Editorial Calendar

Unit 5: Eloquence


  • A NOTION template for your content creation on YouTube.
  • Instagram without the fuss thanks to YouTube.
  • Additional income with Youtube (collaboration, affiliation and monetization).

Customer Success it is a training in which you will learn all the techniques and strategies to retain and make satisfied your customers.

Module 1: Customer service challenges

Unit 2: Understand the psychological functioning of clients

Module 3 : Implement communication techniques


This program is brought to you by Marouane de Beesteam. Beesteam is a consulting firm in organization, project management and business strategy. It accompanies companies in hyper-growth or which will find themselves in a situation of strong development. Beesteam intervenes to structure the teams, set up a coherent action plan and introduce management tools to measure performance. 


They talk about me and my programs better than me ^^

Sofia, beautician and shopkeeper

“I needed a manual but I got more than that! She made me realize who I am. The highlight is that Amel is by our side. »

Déborah, parent and school coach

“I had everything to learn. Amel will target the actions to be implemented in a personalized way. I learned how to create a premium offer. Amel saves you a lot of time. »

Aurore, psychologist coach and trainer

“I have deep gratitude for Amel because she has shown great professionalism and deep kindness and is an EXPERT. »

Taous, coach

“I learned how to create quality training. Her group coaching is like mentoring because Amel is generous in her advice. Amel is an authentic and natural person. »

Benyounes, professional retraining coach

“Amel is an expert, caring and available. Its values are strong like family. Amel brings positive energy thanks to her friendly dimension. »

Agatha, coach

“I stabilized my turnover. And on a personal level I feel less stressed and I have more time to spend with my family. Amel taught me how to automate my business. »


The words that come back when my clients talk about me:

Transparent – Direct/frank – Benevolence – Gentleness – Efficiency – Expertise –

Availability – Proximity – Quality


As soon as the registration is validated, you will receive an email with the details of SUCCESS MAKERS ACADEMIE and the link to make your 1st appointment with me, Amel. 

Same time every week whether for Q/A zooms or monthly workshops. 

It will be Thursday morning at 10 a.m. 

The workshops will last 1h30. 

Zoom Q/R sessions will last 45 minutes.