MyKlub: the ideal tool to boost your online business

MyKlub: the ideal tool to boost your online business

In a world where technology is changing at high speed, it is important to adapt to remain competitive in the market. If you're an online trainer or entrepreneur, you know how difficult it can be to maximize the quality of your offering while effectively managing your time and money. This is where comes in MyKlub, the ideal tool to boost your online business. MyKlub is a platform developed especially for you, which offers you online training, personalized follow-up and internal messaging to centralize your follow-up. With MyKlub, you will be able to save time and money while improving the quality of your offers. So, ready to boost your online business with MyKlub?

If you had the opportunity to reduce your daily business expenses while gaining quality, wouldn't you jump at the chance? 

Of course yes, I'm taking the plunge straight away! As a trainer and business mentor it is a must.

I wanted to write to you for weeks already but I didn't have time because I work a lot with my team so that MyKlub is the ideal tool for you. Those who know me know that I am demanding. I have this requirement with me and with my collaborators. I actually scared them away… and I'm telling you this now: SO MUCH BETTER. Because I don't want to lower my level of requirement in my life. And when you're as badass as me, well, that creates a thundering team that advances to the max. 

The advantage for you?

MyKlub is the tool that will take you to the next level in online business. Yes, yes… because we have developed a platform that helps you target the most important differentiator in 2023: the quality of your offer. 

The competition today has grown. Lots of people have started and I say bravo. But with this crowd you have to succeed in standing out. And when you do your marketing and communication job, you sell. Then your customers will “consume” your content to grow, gain skills and transform. But for this to work, you have to offer an optimal follow-up. 

And know that we are the only ones (yes I checked) to offer you this in the same place:

  • Online formation : your learner follows his training on a space designed with your branding. Everything is thought out in neuro pedagogy mode: the course is centered on a white background with no distractions to stay FOCUS. Of course in the builder you do what you want (video, PDF, text, image, etc.).
  • Personalized follow-up: yeah yeah you read that right PERSONALIZED! You can offer personalized assessments (you can give the name you want lol): your learner sends you this and you bring your remarks and comments via the platform. And we added internal messaging in quasi mode cat.Discuss together via internal messaging to centralize follow-up. And besides, it's super pretty.
  • Integrated coaching:  This is a feature that MyKlub is the only one to offer. Real quality follow-up for your customers: that’s the promise!

And you know how to be copied, that's great news because MyKlub is directly considered at its fair value. Ah, I feel proud writing it. 

And to top it all off we have a great after-sales service: it is managed by Myriam and Marouane. Marouane is my husband, remember? And he is the best customer success manager. 

So, as you know, I'm the co-founder of MyKlub, and I can tell you that this tool is amazing! You will be able to create, manage and sell your online training courses in just a few clicks! And the best part of it all? It's super easy to use! MyKlub was designed for trainers like you, to make your life easier!

But that's not all ! MyKlub will also save you a lot of time by automatically managing all the administrative paperwork related to your training. No need to spend hours writing contracts, agreements or end-of-training certificates! MyKlub takes care of everything! And this is also the ONLY online training platform that offers integrated electronic signature at no extra cost.

You understand, MyKlub is the tool you need to boost your online training and coaching business. So why wait? Test it now for free for 14 days! It's without obligation and without hidden costs.

Just for the pleasure of adding a little, in a few points MyKlub is:

Simplicity and ergonomics: everything is designed to be easy to use, so you can focus on the content of your training.

Accommodation of your training: MyKlub hosts and publishes your training online with a dashboard that allows you to follow everything in real time.

✅  Unlimited number of trainings and learners: you have no limits to create your training and welcome your learners.

Intuitive and complete builder: creates assessments of any type, integrated online rating system, integrated internal messaging.

Automated management of administrative documents: contracts, agreements, end-of-training certificates, automated invoicing, electronic signature, everything is managed for you to allow you to concentrate on the essentials.

✅ Secure payments adapted to your needs: with credit card payments in one or more instalments, and registration via the integrated CPF, you can offer an excellent payment experience to your customers to increase your sales.

✅  Personalization of your space: online catalog, logo, colors, so that your brand is highlighted.

Legal Compliance: MyKlub automatically manages all this paperwork for you and your learners, to be in full legal compliance (CPF, Qualiopi, DREETS).

The MyKlub Revolution: Integrated Coaching

A holistic approach to learning

At MyKlub, we transcend the simple transmission of knowledge to embrace a teaching method that considers each learner in their individuality. Each pathway is unique, tailored to the individual’s distinct needs, aspirations and learning styles.

Interaction and personalization: The keys to success

MyKlub's integrated coaching system promotes direct and continuous interaction between trainer and learner. This dynamic relationship ensures a personalized learning journey, highlighting strengths and areas requiring improvement, while adapting the methodology accordingly.

Beyond Education: Building Community

MyKlub is not just an education space. It is a community platform where learners exchange, discuss and develop collectively. This synergy creates an environment conducive to deep learning and sustainable personal and professional development.

Conclusion: MyKlub is the ideal tool for creating, managing and selling your online training and coaching

In summary, MyKlub is an essential tool for all trainers and online entrepreneurs who want to maximize the quality of their offer and improve their performance. It is easy to use, effective and supports you throughout your journey to help you achieve your goals. Don't hesitate any longer and join the MyKlub community now to boost your online business!

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