Online business: 3 (really) useful tips to become financially free

3 Proven Strategies to Achieve Financial Freedom with Your Online Business

There financial freedom in the world of online business is a goal that many aspire to achieve.

But in France, talking openly about financial success and monetary ambitions is often seen as a taboo. However, the distinction between earning every euro through the sweat of your brow and letting your money work intelligently for you is essential.

In a country where lottery success is sometimes valued more than entrepreneurial success, it is time to change perspective. After all, money is a means, not an end in itself.

If you are determined to transform your online business and move towards true financial freedom, this article is therefore worth reading. Discover proven strategies for financial autonomy without pretense.

Question of mindset?

So, for many, changing your mindset about money often involves deconstructing a certain number of prejudices. The first is undoubtedly that money is rarely an end but rather a means (among others) of feeling free. 

Dreaming of being financially free is good, but taking action is always better. Yes, yes there is no need to secretly dream of winning the lottery too…

And if you're self-employed, we can say that your need for professional freedom is particularly strong, right? 

So stay with me. At the end of this article, you will have serious avenues of action to truly become free and financially independent.

And we promise, no crazy advice, only concrete, tested and approved advice to achieve THE financial freedom.

In this article, here are the three steps to follow to gain your financial freedom:

  • Develop a scalable business
  • Earn more by implementing an excellent and strategic offer
  • Diversify your assets by thinking outside the box and earn money more easily

1. Develop a scalable business 

The word scalable is a bit of a buzzword in the world of online business. But ultimately, what does it mean to have a scalable business? 

So to answer you clearly, we will first focus on the status of freelancer or support person (coach for example). Under this status, we find people who carry out an independent activity and who sell services. The amount of their turnover is directly linked to the invoicing of these services. In other words, the more he charges, the more money he makes. Very often, despite an increasing turnover, some freelancers find themselves faced with a glass ceiling. 

For what ? 

Quite simply, because the coach is facing a lack of time! And yes, his business doesn't run at night (except for the knots in his brain that he gets in the evening before sleeping… 🙃). As a result, turnover can no longer grow. And he can't sell all his available time for sessions. Because having a business is not just about face to face with customers.

The solution ? 

Create an offer that can be sold to an unlimited number of people. You see where I'm going with this, right? 😎

With the advent of the Internet, we can no longer count the number of infoproducts that have been launched... With more or less success but also ethics. 

These digital products nevertheless have several qualities: accessible to all, relatively simple to produce, sale to an infinite number of people. So, whether you sell your product to one or a thousand people, you don't have to spend more time on it. Your sales success is not linked to the time you spend creating your offers. Your success is above all linked to having a well-established customer acquisition system: content strategy, relationship marketing, advertising, etc.

Once you have set up one or more offers that sell automatically online, that doesn't mean you can take it easy! ⛱

The bigger the business grows, the more the micro-tasks accumulate until they sometimes take up all your time... That's when it's time to think about how to ensure that your business no longer relies solely on your frail shoulders! 

2. Earn more by implementing an excellent and strategic offer

When you are a solopreneur and your business is growing, you are overwhelmed with client meetings. And the days are starting to get longer, but to what extent? 

On paper, it's cool, you certainly earn a better living than when you were an employee, but the reality is quite different.

You think it's time to delegate certain tasks and that this is the guarantee of finding a little serenity. Delegating will allow you to save more time by freeing you from time-consuming tasks. You will be able to reduce the level of your mental load, also feel supported in moments of doubt... But this is not THE solution.

Personally I love coaching, supporting and mentoring but my time is limited. So this is why it is essential to create an offer of excellence (high ticket as the Americans say). An offer of excellence is an online program that combines online training and individual and/or group coaching. This is the perfect type of program for scaling (aka: earn more without working more).

It's also a way of offering your services less expensively than 1 to 1 for those who would like to use you to support them in their transformation.

Let's do a little math:

If you are a personal dev coach and you sell a session per hour for €75.

You work 35 hours a week for your company and you know that you can spend around a third of your time face-to-face with customers.

You will therefore have approximately 12 hours per week of coaching. That is 48 one-hour sessions per me for a turnover of €3,600.

The worst part of all this is not that the turnover will peak, it's that each month you will have to have 48 customers! And if we are optimistic and you have people who take several sessions, then you should have at least twenty new clients each month.

And yes with a little math you realize that you will quickly reach a glass ceiling.

With an excellent offer that you sell for around €1000, you will only need 3 to 4 customers per month to achieve this same turnover.

You probably know the song! If you want to create your offer of excellence and be supported for this: Make an appointment with me, we’ll discuss your project together!

3. Diversify your assets by thinking outside the box and earn money easily

Indeed, the title of this third part is a little too much perhaps…

But, you need to know an important truth. Free and financially independent people have long understood that there is no point in putting all their savings in their savings account...

So what do I think are the other options to invest and make your money work for you? 

➡ The first lever is rental investment.

From now on, it is relatively simple to offer your property for rent on platforms such as Airbnb, Abritel, etc. Other solutions like Pinel investment. This can sometimes be useful for reducing the amount of your taxes while increasing your level of assets.

➡ The second possible lever is to invest in the stock market.

Still few people think about investing in the stock market. Many people wonder how to easily invest in the stock market and make money. The advice I can give you is the following: inform yourself, train yourself and initially aim for sure gains then, little by little, diversify your investments.

➡ Third and final possible lever: cryptocurrency and the purchase of precious metals.

These are attractive investments as they help spread the risks. Gold is the safe investment that allows you to protect yourself from the risks linked to inflation. And yes, its value is not linked to the evolution of the financial markets. As for cryptocurrency, the results can be spectacular. However, to limit the risk, I recommend that you use platforms approved by the Financial Markets Authority.

We are coming to the end of this article. You now know more about the steps that will allow you to build a life that matches your ambitions while being financially free. 

If you feel that you need to be supported and benefit from my advice and expertise as closely as possible. I invite you to apply for a business audit call. You will know more about my services and if we are made to go a long way together 😉

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